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Meet The Team

The strength of School Gymnastics lies with our experienced and dedicated management team.


Sue McIver, General Manager, has been with Activated since it's beginnings in 2003. In 2013 Sue returned to Activated Group after a 5 year break to again take the reins and lead the company to further success. Sue has a passion for health and fitness and is driven by the importance of instilling the values of a healthy lifestyle into all people so that they are fit for life. Sue is committed to leading her team of experts to deliver dynamic and inspirational programs to all school students in Australia.

Program Team

Our dedicated Program Coordinators are a highly experienced and motivated team who make it their goal, to deliver exactly the program that your school wants. From years of industry experience they know how important it is to make teachers, students and parents happy and they are here to support schools every step of the way form sorting out the best timetable to rebooking again for the next year. There is never a problem that our Coordinators can't help you with! We pride ourselves on being professional and flexible!.

Our Booking Consultants can work with you to put together the best program possible and ensure that your school community gets the very best value for money.

Our Coaches

Great programs need great coaches - and we have the best! Our dedicated Programs Team recruits the very best coaches and then continuously works with them so that they are continually growing and learning and developing into the very best coaches that they can be. We regularly oversee our coaches and get feedback from schools on individual performances so that out standard of coaching is the best it can be.

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