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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your programs available?

Our programs are available Australia wide. We service all areas from capital cities to regional and remote Australia.

How much do programs cost?

We are the cheapest in-school provider in the market. We charge a very reasonable per class price. Please contact us with your requirements and we will provide you with a detailed proposal and quote.

Do programs fulfil curriculum guidelines?

All Activated Group programs meet National Curriculum outcomes for PDHPE. Each school participating in our program will receive our School Resource Pack that includes lesson plans, assessment & evaluation guidelines and other relevant information.

Is Activated Group approved or accredited?

Activated Group is approved and accredited by a number of organisations including; AusDance, NSW Commission for Children and Young People and the NSW Business Chamber. 

What type of room/venue is required?

Activated Group programs can be run in a variety of locations. Whilst the school hall is preferred, we are flexible and can run programs in a variety of locations both inside and out. Contact us to discuss your requirements.


How many students can we have in a class?

Generally, our programs are suitable for 30 students per class.  However, we will consider running more than one class at the one time if you have the space!  Please speak to one of our Booking Consultants for costing. 


How long do the program run for?

Are programs are generally 30 or 40-minutes in duration.  We need a minimum of 4 classes to be booked in a day and our programs run for 8, 9 or 10 weeks. 


Will Boys like the cheer program?

Boys will love our cheer program!  Our choreography is designed with no gender-specific our overtly sexualised moves. Boys and girls love the fast pace and unique rhythm of cheer. 

Will the music be suitable for a school environment?

All music used in our School Cheer program has been carefully screened and washed so that it is suitable.  We have also heavily invested in licensing to ensure that all music is the very latest and most appealing to students. 


Will we be able to put on a show for the parents?

Absolutely.  All School Cheer programs are designed to be performed. and every student will have an opportunity to be a superstar!


Will there be lifts and throws in the program?

As with all Activated Group programs, safety is 100% our priority which is why we have an unblemished safety record since 2003!  We want students to love movement not be scared by it.  As such we have incorporated safe and risk-free balance stunting which are very basic and do not require throws or aerials.   For Stage 3 the moves are a little more complex but still 100% safe. 

What other benefits are there with the School Cheer Program?

School Cheer can lift the spirit of your school!  There is nothing like a group of children committed to a common act and delivering a message of pride about their school.  Whilst our routines are pre-choreographed, there is also an opportunity to include a unique school chant and signage for your performance.  Again, please discuss this with your Booking Consultant!

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